Thursday, 1 March 2012

Getting pennies for...CANON 600D :D BOOM!! Blog Sale

My name on MUA is katloubee :) You should all know me by now...I hope :) Shipping is £3 int'l, £2 UK, and payment is via PP :) Any questions please ask <3

Also! Here's my wishlist in case you want to swap instead;

Nars Luster (Try me on other ones?)
Shu brushes? (Try me)
Illamasqua blushes (Try me)

First up: Sleek Blushes :) £4 each - Santorini BNIP, Rose Gold, Pixie Pink and Life's a Peach

MAC Blushes:

Marine Life - £20
Golden Primpin Kitty - £20
Barbie Fab - £16
Barbie Don't be Shy - £14

Chanel Tweed Fuchsia Blush (Used MAX 2X) - £32

MAC Caviar Dreams Quad : £28

Chanel Enigma Palette : £30

Chanel Tentation Cuivre Quad : £30

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal *Used 1X* : £30

MUFE HD 115: £20

No7 Beautifully Matte - £7

Loreal Midnight Stars BN - £5

Inglot Eyeshadow - £4

Nail Polishes £3 Each

£5 Each :

MAC Feline pencils *2 = £9 Each
Sleek Pen *used 1-2X* = £4
Chanel Graphite Pencil = £9

Chanel Duo - £10
Bourjois Tomatte Blush - £5
Illamasqua Cream thing - £5
MUFE HD Powder *Used 2-3X* - £7
Sleek Paint pots - £3 each
NARS Sweet Cherry - £10
Vivo Blush - £4
Bourjois - £4 each

Various Lip things...Offer? IDK Would prefer to get these all away in one go

Paint Pots - £15 each
Vintage selection -
Dangerous Cuvee -
Chilled on Ice -
Make me pop -

MAC Jewel Eyes *6 - £30

MUFE F&B 36, 90% remains - £15

Other bits : £5 each


  1. Hi Kat,

    If you don't sell Caviar Dreams and are willing to let it go for around £15-17.50 inc p&p, let me know, I'm not trying to be cheeky, but in my blog sales I usually charge around half the rrp on eye shadow palettes, and mac quads are £35 brand new, dont mean to offend :) x

  2. Eh..I've only used it like once...I don't think that's worth a £20 mark down :\ lol

    It's sold now, sorry!

  3. Do you ship to the us? How much would shipping cost? Do you still have marine life? Thanks
    email me at

  4. hi do you still have the Marine Life if you do what the ship for the uk

  5. my email is

  6. Hi there, do you still have Chanel Fuchsia? I have a bn nars luster but no box. Would by any chance would you work out a swap w/me? I am in the U.S. but I can send first if need be.

    1. Oh also, I'm on MUA as alisha546 & ebay missalisha546 & welderdan (I sell on my husband's acct too sometimes)