Monday, 23 May 2011

I'm offskies to Romeskies

Trying to purge my stash and get rid of the things I

a) dont use
b) wrong shade
c) just look crap on me but might be AWESOME on someone else :D

UK Based Sale. Please consider PP fees when you make payment, you can gift if you like but not compulsory. UK Shipping - £1.50, International - depends on weight but starts at £2 :)

MUA Feedback - katloummm

Just a few wee items that I dont really need/use anymore...

Chanel Blue Satin Nail polish - £7
Chanel Fleur palette - £15
Chanel Poudre Universelle Libre - 20 Clair Translucent 1 (used 1-2X) - £23
Chanel Soho Highlight powder BN without box - £44 incl. shipping/pp fees
MAC VV Truth and Light magically cool powder (Used 2-3X) - £18
MAC VV Briar Rose BP Swatched 1X - £25
MAC Fluidline Iris Eyes (3-4X slight dips) - £15
MAC Fluidline Jadeye (3-4X slight dips) - £15
MAC MSFN Light - dome still there, used maybe 5-6X - £12
MAC MSFN Light-Medium - little less than light (8X) - £10
MAC F&B C1 (60%ish) - £10
MAC RED Lipstick - £8
RBR Decadent Duo - Flamenco duende (used 1X) - £23

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  1. Kat, would you be a star and swatch/review your Yaby palette dear?

    Anna xx