Thursday, 3 February 2011

First Blog Sale :D - UPDATED

I am wanting to buy a car! So here I go, I know it's not a lot just now but I will be listing more and being a little more ruthless with my stash :( lol

I will post to ANYWHERE, I request that the buyer pays for paypal fees (or can send the payment as a gift)

Shipping fees are calculated on weight of the product(s) purchased :)

MAC Pigment Samples in...

Violet, melon, jardin aires, sunnydaze, quietly, vanilla, goldenaire, provence, deckchair, coco, entremauve, silver fog, softwash grey, steel blue, golden lemon, lovely lily, gold, gold dusk, pink opal, soft washed, dazzleray, reflects rust, blue brown, madly personal and new fixation   (ask for prices, rarer ones will be more expensive)

My Beloved Chanel Polishes - £8 each

You can see the usage most are used 1-2X (a couple 3-4x) but no more than that, please just post offers, I'm rubbish at prices...

English Rose
Blue Satin
Rouge Noir
Red Dream
Beige D'or 
Beige Rose

Nails Inc Polishes...most have NEVER been used... - £4 each

If you want any of these plesae just say the number for now until I wake up tomorrow :P

Barry M Shatter Polishes (both for sale) - £4

Face Stuff

Sleek Good Girl Palette BNIB * 2  - £9

Sleek Sparkle Palette BNIB * 1 - Pending

Urban Decay Book of Shadow 3 BN unused/unswatched. £30 (ish) can't remember?

Nars Habanera (Dipped!!) - £12

Chanel Quad (De Fleur) I think used about 2X - £20

MAC illussionary Burning Ambition eyeshadow (maybe 3X) - £8

MAC Jewel 6 Eyes (used 1X) - £40

Chanel Eyeshadow Duo (not sure on the shades - sorry!) £10

MAC Lace 6 : Warm Eyes (used) - £15

MAC Waternymph (used 5x) - £10

No7 Radiance Booster Hot Cloth Cleanser (BN unused*1) and another which has been used 1X without the cloths - £7

Clarins Eau Lactee Auto-Bronzant (125ML / 4.2FL. OZ)

The one on the left has been used about 3X - the one on the right is BNIB (Still sealed) Only getting rid of them because it breaks me out, but it's such a great facial tanner... - £13

 No7 Time Resisting Eye gel and cream (for day and night) Used 2X - £7

Also : 

Oilatum : BNIB - £7
Bloom Eyeliner (liquid) in Ebony BNIB - £12


  1. hi there...i am interested in

    MAC Jewel 6 Eyes (used 1X)
    MAC Lace 6 : Warm Eyes (used)

    but dont know what the prices are so dont know if i can get both or what have looking up swatches anyway so just lmk...thanks!

  2. I'd really like pearl blossom, but I have no idea what it's worth to you. please email me asap at tysm!

  3. I would like £40 for the jewel palette (it's less than I paid, ick)

    And £15 for the warm palette? x

  4. i think ill pass..thanks for getting back to me

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  6. Hi, Kat. I'd like to blog about your sale at The Blogsale List, if that's all right with you. I gather news about sales so my readers can find bargains. Could I have your permission to use some of your images in such a post?

  7. Hello,

    I might be interested in your Jewel Palette. Are you negotiable on the price at at all?

    Mandi :)
    Phoenix, AZ

  8. I forgot to give you my email address:

    -Mandi :)

  9. could you give me a price on ALL the MAC pigment samples together as a lot? Please send info to

  10. Oh, yes, i am located in Texas, US zip code 76205, and if the sale on the sleek sparkle palette falls through let me know, as i am interested in that as well.

  11. hi do you still have the nars habanara duo! i really want this! my zipcode is 89031 and my email is

  12. Hey kat i was interested in waternymph mac if u stil have it. My zip is 92154 and email is thank u

  13. HI there. I was wondering if your MAC Lace 6 : Warm Eyes (used) - £15 is still availble.

    Please email me at

  14. Wow, I'm obviously quite late, but I don't suppose you still have that Sleek Good Girl palette for sale, do you? I'm in California, USA. I don't mind paying international shipping, should you have it and be able to send it! please contact me at if you can. Thanks so much.

    PS If you still have that MAC e/s in Waternymph, I may also be interested in that. Thanks again.