Saturday, 6 November 2010

Debenhams free £5 text message code!! ... rant.

Ha, so today, I went down to Debenhams to get Chanel's gorgeous Pink Pulsion glossimer from their new Holiday 2010 collection...

*Isn't it gorgeous?*

As you can see it didn't go too well...

Today, I got a text message with a £5 off code which I could use in store.

I took the 35 LRT bus (1hour journery) to get to the store to purchase Chanel Glossimer in Pink Pulsion.

So, I arrive, drooling over all the pretty things at the Chanel counter and tell the assistant I would like to purchase the lipgloss, and that I have a £5 code which I would like to use.

I show her my phone with the text message from Debenhams for my £5 off to be told that I need to print off my text message so that she can keep it in the till.

I told her that in the terms and conditions it said that I can just show her and she would be able to appl it off my purchase. She proceeds to tell me that she is going to go and ask her colleague, which she does, and then returns to tell me that I should have received an email with the voucher which I needed to print.

With my trusty iphone at my side, I show her my email and let her see that I've not received any email codes from Debenhams for this amazing offer.

She pretty much told me that I'm wrong and can't they can't apply it without it physically being in my hand (the voucher).

I was so angry. I purchase lots from Debenhams, which you can probably see from my account, and I travelled 2 hours in total to purchase it as it's the only Debenhams here in Edinburgh which sells Chanel.

I will probably miss out on this code now as I wont be able to get down there again before the 12th November.

I really hope that Debenhams trains their staff members well in relation to applying codes and any offers you might have (special ones like this). I work in retail myself so realise it's not necessarily the SA's fault if they've not been informed that it can be applied without a physical voucher.

I await your response.
Many thanks